Humans’ desire to live in perfect harmony with nature is reflected in the abundant supply of flora found in vernacular spaces. This is a place where you can relax and forget about the stresses of daily life.

Saujana Intan by IJM Land is the latest member to Seremban 2’s stellar lineup of real estate developments.

In Saujana Intan, nature lovers can revel as green features weave in and out of the advancement to create a sustainable system that is both beautiful and functional.

Rainwater harvesting and solar water heating systems have been integrated into the residential units to inspire recycling, while reducing electricity usage. The presence of recreational parks encourages residents to engage in an active lifestyle that includes community activities & leisure time.

A narrative about a family’s homes, recreation, and high-class living

Saujana Intan has a total value of RM86 million and consists of 40 2-storey quasi houses and 2 bungalows. It’s all part of a master plan to infuse the development with luxury, from the low density to the meticulous design and high-quality construction.

There are four bedrooms & four bathrooms in each of the semi-ds. The generous built-up provides plenty of room for family interaction, and the practical layout enhances living space utilisation.

These quasi units are a perfect fit for huge families of this size, as you might expect. The exclusive bungalows, on the other hand, are 4,434 square feet in size and have five bedrooms & five bathrooms, plus a maid’s room, a WC, and a powder room.

Running tracks have indeed been strategically placed throughout the development to encourage residents to lead healthier lives, and they allow residents to move about the neighbourhood with ease.

The fact that Saujana Intan is gated and heavily guarded does not mean that it is easily accessible to the outside world. In terms of security, digital doors have been assigned to each device in order to enhance protection while also reducing surface contact.

Outside of the residential area, a lush landscape can be seen stretching into the distance. The 30-acre Hill Park is home to a playground, jogging paths, and quaint gazebos in the park’s quieter areas.

With a dinosaur-themed play area at the top, it’s a great option for families with young children. A 15-acre City Park sits at the heart of the self-sufficient township, making it the perfect place to stroll and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

A few feet away, you’ll see the looming silhouette of a Kepayang Hill, which hints at its natural wonders for those who enjoy hiking and adventuring.

Nearby, you’ll find everything you need to live comfortably.

In addition to schools, shopping malls, medical facilities, and other necessities, Seremban 2 is a well-planned township with a wide range of amenities inside its borders.

Walking distance from Tung Hua Primary School, there are other public schools within commuting distance. AEON Mall, Mydin Mall, NSK Trade City, and Lotus’s Hypermarket are just a short drive away if you want to go shopping.

Sehat Healthcare, Columbia Asia Hospital and KPJ Seremban Hospital are all within a 10-minute drive, ensuring easy access to medical care should the need arise.

With the PLUS, SPDH highway, Seremban and Bandar Ainsdale Tol Plaza all nearby, homebuyers will appreciate the development’s easy accessibility.

The Seremban 2 township’s six-lane dual carriageway, which connects to a network of roads, benefits Saujana Intan even more. These links, which connect the township’s various sectors, make getting around the area much easier.

Saujana Intan is the pinnacle of sustainable living, thanks to the harmonious coexistence of all of these living organisms.

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